Policy Documents

Policy documents followed by the club are detailed below. To view any of them just click on the title.
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ASA and Sport England Documents

Wavepower 2012/2015

Wavepower 2012/15 is the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) Safeguarding Policy and Procedure manual and replaces all previous ASA Child Protection Policies and Procedures documents.

Chesterfield Swimming Club has adopted all policies related to child protection and safeguarding on the models included in Wavepower. The models will only be amended as necessary to make them appropriate to particular circumstances at the club.

From February 2013, Wavepower standards have been adopted and replace previous club policies in the following areas:

Child Protection Statement
Codes of Conduct for Swimmers, Coaches and Parents
Equity Policy
Photography and Videography

Data Protection
The ASA booklet about Data Protection. This document dictates the club’s Data Protection Policy.

Helping Keep Your Child Safe In Sport
Sport England’s Child Protection Leaflet for Parents.

Complaints Procedure
The ASA’s Guide to Making a Complaint Related to Child Welfare.

Parents Guide To Twitter
The ASA’s advice to parents on the appropriate use of Twitter and other Social Networks within a swimming club environment.

Club Documents

Aims & Objectives

These are the aims and objectives to which the club operates.

Club Constitution
The main source of club rules and operational process.

Code of Practice for Committee Members

Code of Conduct for Swimmers

Code of Conduct for Parents

Code of Conduct for Coaches and Teachers

Code of Conduct for Committee Members

Data Protection Notice
The club’s notice about the way in which it collects, stores and uses members’ personal information.

Disciplinary Issues
Procedures operated by the club in the event of disciplinary issues.

Employers Liability Document (Main Club)

Employers Liability Document (Learn To Swim Programme)

Handover Policy
Guidelines for the passing of responsibility between the club and parents/carers at the start and end of swimming sessions.

Health & Safety Policy
The commitment of the club to Health & Safety matters within the club’s control.

Membership and Training Fees 2015
Details about charges for the various categories of club membership and lesson/training fees for each squad.

Membership of Chesterfield Swimming Club – Notes 2015
Information about membership of the club. Your financial and other commitments - How to Resign.

PR Policy
Chesterfield Swimming Club’s PR Policy.

Recruitment & Recognition Policy
Chesterfield Swimming Club recognises the importance of its volunteers and actively seeks to ensure we have sufficient volunteers for the smooth running of the club.

Photography Consent Form

Succession Planning
Chesterfield Swimming Club recognises the need to be able to find the right people with the right skills and competencies to be able to fill key roles within the Club (committee, coaching, officials and teaching positions) as they arise.

Membership Forms 2015
Category 1 : Non-Competitive Swimmer
Category 2 : Competitive Swimmer
Category 3 : Parent / Helper

Standing Order Form