Order Your Bullet Hat Now

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to provide our own 'Bullet Hats' for competition.

Bullet Hats are designed to reduce drag and optimise performance just like your racing suits. The hats we have available are Arena 3D Ultra Caps, proven to be one of the best on the market and worn by many teams, including team GB, at the Rio Olympics.

Hats are available in M or L sizes with a surname printed as below and will cost £14 each (under the normal selling price).

Please note these hats are for racing only, not for training. We recommend these hats to all swimmers aged 15 and above, swimmers under that age are also welcome to have them but just like expensive racing suits, they are not a necessity. New normal hats will be available in red shortly.

To order your hat email Mark Tanner on marktanner@chesterfieldsc.co.uk before Sunday 14th May and please make payment via BACS immediately. Mark has samples available to try if you are unsure of size.

I'm sure you have all noticed the change of colour to red. This is to help us stand out more at Regional level competitions and above, there are a LOT of teams with blue or dark coloured hats and we want to be noticed!

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