• Mark Tanner

National & Regional Squads Pre-Season

Please find attached the final timetable for Pre-Season, there has been a couple of very minor alterations so please pay close attention.

National & Regional Squads Pre-Season Training Plan - **Click Here**

The changeovers between swim and land on the evening sessions are tight. We expect EVERYONE to be quick, efficient and on time.

Please make sure you are dressed appropriately for the land sessions taking place outside.

Group 1

Callum Gascoyne, Harrison Fern, George Alton, Sofia Allen, Ellise Collins, Chloe Stennett, Jack Price, Alex Norris, Thomas Mackie, Amelia Williams, Emily Nicholls, Jason Mejia, Beth Salt, Laura Broadbent.

Group 2

Laini Cooper, Isobelle Moore, Sophie Baker, Amber Downham, Brandon Hotham, Sam Nicholls, Libby Davidson, Lauren Lindridge, Jake Hotham, Jess Lindridge, Lewis Rogers, Katie Dempsey, Ellie Bradshaw, Lily Ward.

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