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Eckington Open Meet

Good afternoon

We have received the following message from Eckington SC with regards to their open meet next weekend, please read if you are attending this meet and take note. Thanks Liz

We want to update you all on our Open Meet, only just over a week away!

In particular we would be grateful if you would advise your members that Eckington Swimming Pool is a very small venue and the meet is full. We have 226 swimmers entered into the meet, and we need the parents/carers to be aware that we only have around the same amount of spectator spaces ie: 226.( This includes standing space on the balcony) Once we have reached the amount, which is set by the facility, we will not be able to allow any more spectators into the Meet.

Please also circulate the following as an addition to the previous email sent regard rules and handy tips!

  • When swimmers are called to the blocks, please ensure they have a towel, t-shirt and flip flops – we need to ensure the swimmers are dry before the exit the pool to avoid slips and trips outside the pool area.

  • Please reitierate that no rucksacks or chairs are allowed on the poolside or the viewing areas. Anyone seen with either of these items we be asked to remove immediately.( a small mesh bag or drawstring bag is acceptable for drinks, snacks etc)

  • Please ensure all your swimmers have the correct kit, goggles, cap, water (a must as it may be a hot day)

  • No swimmers are allowed in the viewing areas.

  • If a swimmer needs to exit the pool for any reason, other than to prepare for a race they must do so via the changing rooms

  • We have a number of swimmers who have allergies, including nuts, it would be appreciated if this could be brought into consideration when arranging snacks and lunches

In line with North East Derbyshire Council Photography policy, NO video, zoom or close range photograph (including mobile phones with a photographic facility) is allowed in the pool complex at Eckington Swimming Pool

Kind regards

Team ESC

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