• Mark Tanner

Junior League Round 2 Information.

Please find below the team selection for the second round of the Junior League in May. (This may not open if viewing it on a mobile device through an email)

Junior League Round 2 Team Selection

A copy of the team sheet will be on the notice board at QP from tomorrow morning for swimmers to indicate their availability on. We have again been selected as co-hosts for this competition so will require more volunteers than normal, if you are able to help please email myself and Tish Nicholls at Tishnicholls@chesterfieldsc.co.uk

Swimmers who have been selected as reserves DO NOT need to travel to the competition but I do ask that you try and keep the evening free. If a swimmer is taken ill or unable to attend last minute I will ring the reserve to step in and take their place.

Any questions or to confirm availability please email me at Carla@chesterfieldsc.co.uk

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