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100x100 Relay

On Saturday 8th September there is a 100x100 relay competition at Ponds Forge in Sheffield for which Derbyshire have a team.

Any swimmers that we have from any squad that are capable of swimming sub 1:10 for 100m Freestyle are eligible to put their name forward for a place in the team (places in the team will be filled with fastest swimmers first and may go to those slower than 1:10 if need be).

If you are interested in swimming please email Mark Tanner on as soon as possible and by Sunday 2nd September at the absolute latest.

Please see full details of the day below:

Hi everyone.

Allow me to introduce you to our relay referee, Richard Starling.

The plan is as follows:


Arrive 09.30-10.30am please. On arrival say hello to "Mr Poppy" and the musicians (!) and make your way to the registration area in the foyer. A minimum £2 donation will get swimmers a programme, a special edition poppy 100 swim cap (made by Zoggs for the relay) and a poppy remembrance card.

Swimmers and everyone else coming to the event will be invited to write the name of someone they're remembering on the remembrance card - a relative, great uncle, great great grandfather etc who lost their life or been injured in a conflict (not just WW1). During the relay all the remembrance cards will be collected, strung together by volunteers and hung over the balcony in the Ponds Forge foyer to create a huge poppy waterfall. The waterfall will stay up until Armistice Day: 11/11. The Royal British Legion has a helpful website for anyone who can't think of someone to remember:


Please also hand in your team race order (swimmer name + race number: 1-100). Teams will be responsible for numbering their swimmers with their race number on their right shoulder with the team code underneath: L=Loughborough, W=Ware, N=Nottingham, S=Sheffield, D=Derby All Stars, P=Privateer. For example:





Please use a thick, black permanent marker!


Richard will confirm, but race numbers 1<50 can warm up between 11-11.15 and numbers 51<100 between 11.15-11.30. It's not ideal, but there are a large number of swimmers and we need to start the relay by 12pm! There will be a team manager briefing by Richard in the Omega Suite at 11.45, where he will confirm lane allocations (0-5) and start times.


The relay is starting around 11.45 after the last post has been played (we hope) from the top of the 10m diving board by the Army cadet band. Based on previous relay or estimated times the slowest team starts, then after X handicap mins/secs the next team goes etc The first race number 100 of any team to touch the wall wins. For illegal takeovers the offending swimmer must return, get out and start again. If they've already swum 100m - tough!

During the relay it will be the team manager's responsibility to ensure the next swimmer is ready to go. SWIMMERS MUST SWIM IN RACE NUMBER ORDER: 1-100.

The pool will be set up LONG COURSE.


There will be a LOT going on during the relay! We will have live music on poolside and games/puzzles upstairs in the cafe area (tell everyone to bring lots of coins!). The charities will also be there to talk about their work and we hope some former soldiers will be present.


Already sent you a message about this, but if you have any parents or extra swimmers who want to take part they're very welcome to join the privateer team for a small donation to the charities. Please email the team manager: for information.


There will be first and runner up prizes.

Thanks again for helping us remember them. It promises to be a gala like no other - and a day to remember...

Best wishes,

Simon Wright


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