• Mark Tanner

New Starting Blocks - Please Help

A massive thank you to Steve Goodall for providing the block tops that we currently have but after nearly two years in the new pool and a lot of success for our swimmers we think it is time that we purchased some more official block tops with 5 position settings like those that our swimmers will use in competition.

This will allow for higher quality starts practice for ALL of our swimmers as well as enabling us to run in-house competitions across 6 lanes all with a proper starting block. This purchase will be fantastic for our club and our swimmers.

We are looking to raise £3,250 for this purchase and are asking you all if anyone knows of any local businesses that might be interested in sponsoring the purchase. Any contribution would be welcome and the club would be able to do various things to promote the business in recognition of the contribution.

Also, we have been told of local bank branches providing match funding for similar things, if anyone works at a bank and has any information regarding this or knows somebody that might please get in touch.

Your support is much appreciated. Thank you.

If anybody is able to help please contact Mark Tanner on marktanner@chesterfieldsc.co.uk

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