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Captain's Cup Information

We are super excited about this evening's Captain's Cup and the coaching team and captains are excited to see some FAST swimming and team bonding. We have had some trouble with blog posts so here is the information again in case you haven't already seen it:


This event is replacing our participation in Arena League to allow us to provide a better experience for ALL of our swimmers. This event comes at a cost to the club and any donations you are able to make towards that cost would be greatly appreciated. There will be a donation box just inside the entrance to the viewing area for anyone who wishes to make a small donation, we recommend £5 if you are able. Thank you.


5.30pm - Swimmers have access to poolside (do not go on to poolside before this).

5.45pm - Warm up

6.15pm - Intro

6.30pm - First race

8.15pm - Winners announced

8.30pm - Finish


There are 6 blocks of seats on poolside.

Block 1 - Red Team

Block 2 - Blue Team

Block 3 - White Team

Blocks 4-6 - Parent viewing


It doesn't matter whether a swimmer is first or last in their races, they must swim as hard as possible until the very end to earn as many points as possible for their team.

1st - 5 Points

Within 1% - 4 points

Within 2% - 3 points

Within 3% - 2 points

Within 4% - 1 point

Outside 4% - 0 points

Team points will not be announced until the very end of the competition so keep racing for every single point.


Swimmers are allowed to 'Suit Up' if they wish, this is going to be a fun event but the racing is serious and we are expecting some FAST times to be posted. Those with multiple suits we advise that you wear older and less expensive suits as times will not be going on rankings.

Team Staff

Red Team: Chloe Stennett (Captain), Alana Simpson (Coach), Clair Downham & Liz Dempsey (TM's)

Blue Team: Jack Price (Captain), Ian Richards (Coach), Kay Fenwick & Helen Murray (TM's)

White Team: Martin Nutter (Captain), Max Ward (Coach), Rachel Cass & Katherine Stennett (TM's)


Please do your best to wear the colour t-shirt of your team but with 24 hours notice don't worry if you can't.


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