• Mark Tanner

We Need You - Membership Secretary

We are working to reduce the workload of our volunteers by creating more smaller jobs to help the club run more efficiently.

We are currently looking for someone who would be willing to take on the role of Membership Secretary. The role requires someone to maintain the club membership database and register new members with Swim England.

The club membership database has recently been revamped and this role should take no more than 1 session per week (probably a lot less) while you wait for your child to swim.

This role does not require you to be on the committee (although you can if you wish) and can be done by any member aged 18 years or over. You only need access to a computer and Microsoft Excel, you don't need any significant computer skills and will be fully supported by multiple people.

If you are willing and able please contact Mark Tanner on marktanner@chesterfieldsc.co.uk.

Thank you.

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