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Winter Championships Thank you

Winter Championships Thank you I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the following: * all the swimmers who took part in this weekends' competition: we witnessed some brilliant swims. * the Referees and Officials who gave up their weekend; who miss out on a weekend of Christmas shopping! And thanks to Fiona for sorting them out.

*To the coaches. 

Mark, Alana & Max. 

Who work so hard coaching and encouraging swimmers. 👏👏 * the support we received from visiting clubs, with special thanks to Kirsty and Ethan from City of Derby for technical support. * all the parents and grandparents who helped out, some for the first time. We hope you enjoyed yourself and have a better understanding of how things work. We really appreciate your efforts. * and finally to the awesome foursome. (Myself included in this) Liz Dempsey Helen Murray Marie Collins. We work really hard behind the scenes for many weeks (sorry - months) before the meet and it’s great when it all comes together.

Without all your help and support these events will not take place, or run smoothly, so thank you all for your time and dedication. See you all in April for the next meet!

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year! Tish Nicholls

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