• Mark Tanner

Introducing Our New and Awesome Team!!

It's been a while now since the first drastic changes to our coaching and teaching staff but we now in a position where we can introduce our team that is here to stay!!

We could not be happier with the team now in place, the changes they have implemented have been nothing positive and the feeling around the club is one of excitement and unity as we strive for success. We cannot wait to see the impact this team has on results over the next few years as we are certain that we are going to go from strength to strength.

Head Coach: Mark Tanner

Coach: Max Ward

Coach: Ian Richards

Learn to Swim Manager: Jo Fish

Coaching Assistant: Liz Dempsey

Coaching Assistant: Guillermo Sierra (Big G)

Junior Coaches: Jack Blair, Katie Dempsey & Chloe Stennett

Our coaches recently got together for the first of many Coach Development Workshops led by our Head Coach and the display of willingness to learn and support for each other was tremendous.

Check out Coaches profiles here: www.chesterfieldsc.co.uk/coaches

Left to right: Mark Tanner, Max Ward, Jack Blair, Jo Fish, Katie Dempsey, Big G, Chloe Stennett, Ian Richards

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