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Spring A and B - information for new CSC swimmers

A few pointers for this weekend if you’re new to swimming galas:

If your swimmer is doing both sessions in a day they’ll need a packed lunch/tea for the bit between.

Lots of healthy snacks for energy between races. Fruit, dried fruit, muesli bars, that kind of thing.

Water bottle. You can refill it there.

A towel for each session they’re doing for drying off between races and one for the end of the day.

A T shirt (club shirt and/or jacket if they have one) for putting over swimsuit between races. Shorts if they want. Joggers or leggings as it’s sometimes a bit chilly in the hall. Some people even bring a little blanket.

A folding chair! Sounds strange but the swimmers set up camp in the sports hall. Most take a camping chair.

Set of dry clothes for after it finishes. Something cosy to wear home as it’s warm inside and cold out!

Goggles and club hat. Spares if you have them.

Poolside shoes - flipflops or clean indoor shoes with non-marking soles.

If you’re in the audience bring water bottle and a fan! Very hot and cramped.

If you’re helping (thank you!) a clipboard and pen might be useful. Also light clothes - shorts are fine if you want - and non-marking shoes or flipflops.

Helpers and officials don’t need food as we feed you in the breaks! Snacks Saturday tea and lunch on Sunday. 🙂

Please ask someone if there’s anything you’re unsure about.

Thanks everyone.

Happy swimming!

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