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Why choose Chesterfield Swimming Club?

Chesterfield Swimming Club offers a comprehensive swimming programme no matter what your age, ability and goals. We are proud to be inclusive to everyone and of our ability to provide a 'Performance Pathway', the 'Swim Chesterfield Academy' and a 'Club Swimming' programme.

Performance Pathway

Our comprehensive Performance Pathway offers all the necessary opportunities for swimmers to reach their full potential. Our coaches are dedicated to the development of our swimmers ensuring that they are given support and guidance appropriate to the stage of their development.

We understand that every swimmer is different, on their own path to reaching their full potential. We make sure that we don't box swimmers in to set 'rules' where they must do certain things at specific ages, instead we make sure that the opportunities we give swimmers are appropriate to the stage of their development.

We value the perfromance attitude of swimmers above their natural ability and spaces in our squads are earn through hard work, commitment and professionalism (but we still have lots of fun). This ensures that the environment our swimmers are in is one that breeds success.

For more information on our Performance Pathway and to request a trial email us by clicking here.

Performance Pathway
Swim Chesterfield Academy

Swim Chesterfield was launched as an initiative between Chesterfield Swimming Club and Chesterfield Borough Council as a way to link the two programmes and provide a complete swimmer pathway in Chesterfield with plans to expand it's partners to swim schools all around Chesterfield and the surrounding area.

Find out a lot more about Swim Chesterfield by clicking here.

The Swim Chesterfield Academy focusses on swimmers completing their journey in their Learn to Swim Programme by offering an easy and seamless link in to swimming with Chesterfield Swimming Club.

Swimmers enrolled on lessons for Swim England's Stage 8, 9 and 10 have access to coached sessions with one of our coaches. The extra sessions help swimmers complete the stages quicker and, because they can gradually increase the number of times they swim each week, it prepares them to take their first step on to our Performance Pathway once they have completed Stage 10.

For more information on how the Swim Chesterfield Academy works and to arrange a FREE trial click here.

Swim Chesterfield Academy
Club & Masters Swimming

At Chesterfield Swimming Club the journey is never over and the fun never ends.

We are building a Masters force to be reckoned with and intend to travel to the major home and international Masters competitions to showcase our fantastic team of veteran swimmers.

As a Club or Masters swimmer we recognise that while you love your swimming sometimes life just gets in the way, thats why we aim to offer fantastic training and competition opportunities but without the attendance requirements of our Performance Pathway. We just want to see you swimming as much as you feel is possible while you have a big smile on your face (maybe not straight after a challenging set, but you get the point).

For more information on our Club and Masters Swimming programme and to arrange a FREE trial click here.

Club & Masters Swimming
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