Big 50 Challenge

It's the Big 50 Challenge this Saturday 23rd September!!

Swimmers will each compete in:

50m Butterfly

50m Backstroke

50m Breaststroke

50m Freestyle

50m Kick or Fly Kick Under

Times will be converted to points and swimmers will be ranked to claim the title Big 50 Champion!

All swimmers in all squads are invited and encouraged to attend.

Warm Up will be 05:15 - 05:55 and racing will be FAST and FURIOUS from 06:00.

OLD racing suits are allowed but not compulsory. They must be OLD, don't waste a new/good quality suit.

Swimmers in Academy Squad if you do not wish to attend then you will still have a session as normal, we recognise that it is an early start for you but it would be great to see you make the special effort to be there.

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