• Mark Tanner

CSC Winter Meet 2018 helpers

Thank you, all who have agreed to help at the Winter Meet on Saturday and Sunday. It is very much appreciated. If you could come to the Officials Room (a sectioned off corner of the Sports Hall at Matlock Arc accessed via the corridor to the wet changing rooms) twenty minutes before warm up on whichever session or sessions you’re involved in, we can sort out who’s doing what, make sure everyone knows what they’re doing and where the coffee and tea are. The following might be useful: Clipboard Pen Coolest clothes you have – shorts etc perfectly acceptable Poolside footwear – flipflops, clean indoor trainers, whatever’s comfy So… If you’re helping on: Saturday session 1: ​12.40pm Saturday session 2:​​4.40pm Sunday session 1:​​8.10am Sunday session 2:​​1.10pm Thanks again Helen Murray

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